Smiling might be the easiest and toughest task altogether. It is such a basic thing that factually involves a lot of facial muscles to produce the perfect arc on our face. It is one of the best emotions that all the species are capable of propagating. A smile lights up life not only for the person who is practicing it but for everyone around who is witnessing it. Nobody likes to deal with a person who is always in a sulking mood and cribbing about life. Everyone is stuck in their world of problems and a smile from a stranger might help them boost their mood and uplift themselves by seeing happy faces all around.

It is not possible to smile all the time and one might end up feeling like a fool as well. But smiling is not only important when a person is happy, but it is also equivalently important when a person is unhappy and dealing with tough situations. Smiling in tough times gives the courage to go through it and come out of the situation in a quicker and better way. There are a lot of people who are extremely conscious of their smiles and their looks, so they avoid smiling because they are under-confident and speculate a lot before smiling. Every smile is pretty and therapeutic in a different way what people may think as crooked might just be another way to judge the others.

A Smile is contagious and spreads all around, it can alter the course of events altogether. Working in a positive environment is a healthy venture medically. It involves less stress and the feeling of added pressure fades away. Moreover, it generates a sense of belongingness and respect for others and works becomes a better place to practice and develop new tasks. A smile a day keeps the troubles at bay.